Shift 22 flicks on the switch. For anyone with a fast-beating heart for bits & bytes, Shift gives you front-row tickets for the next big shifts in digital. Listen, learn & discuss which trends & technologies to keep a close eye on in the next coming years.Join us on our 3-day tech trip into the future of all things digital. Tune in to Studio Shift on October 11 & 12 or get hold of one of our tickets for the exclusive Shift event on October 13.

Studio Shift

Tune in to Studio Shift for two days of radio madness with industry leaders and technology gurus. Accompanied by killer beats & bits.

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The Event

After two days of live radio, we finish in style with an exclusive Shift Event. A whole afternoon and evening packed with creative workshops, panel discussions and international keynote speakers. Didn’t receive an invitation? Take your shot at winning a ticket.

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The report

Discover our annual bible on the biggest trends & flows in the digital realm. The Shift Report is the (digital) book you want on your nightstand. Pre-order your free copy of Shift 23 today and be the first one to tear through pages and pages of mind-boggling content.